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2020 service award

December 28, 2020

2020 service award

RIOFIL CORPORATION started giving services awards to our employees since 2019. The Service Awards program was introduced on the company’s 30th year in services.

In 2020, two of our Assistant Vice Presidents are recipients of our 20-year service award;

Ms. Raquel I. Marquez (AVP)

Raquel rose from the ranks, started as a Purchasing Staff at BSII EAF Barmill Project to now our Assistant Vice President for Marketing, Procurement and Operations Support. She has also contributed to the company’s cost management reviews and development.

Mr. Ernesto M. Nonan (AVP)

Mr. Nonan or Sir Bebot started as a Senior Engineer in the company 20 years ago. He was one of the few employees from Stracons Inc. that were retained by Riofil Corporation. Today, he is our Assistant Vice President for Operational Support (Equipment, LTI Satellite Office, Executive Services).

Thank you for your valuable contribution to the organization!
We wish you more productive years in Riofil!