We make our customers' business and lives comfortable through our construction services. Success of the project is ensured through our people's diligence and cooperation. These are our People and the Place they work in.

Project Team

"I was given a chance to enhance my knowledge when I was sent to Japan. Then this has made my work experience meaningful in RIOFIL."
"We are thankful to RIOFIL for the support and opportunities they give to provide for a better life to our families and our future careers. Our fervent wish is that RIOFIL achieve its target despite all the challenges."

Engineering Team

"My team provides an opportunity to propose system improvements. As new teams emerge through the vision of our President, RIOFIL is gearing up towards building its competitive advantage against the constant changes of the construction industry."
"I had the chance to express myself with regards to my position and work."
"I was given the opportunity to develop my skills from being a Site Engineer to a Senior Estimator. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many were left jobless in our country. But I was able to keep my job and eventually be part of the Engineering Team."

Marketing and Support Groups

"After working abroad for more than 8 years, RIOFIL is the first company I worked for. For me, staying in a stable company is good at this time."
"RIOFIL is the company that I feel I belong where it feels like we are a family"
"My Manager is the reason why I stay in RIOFIL. Her good leadership and appreciation to all our efforts in our department is a motivation for me to stay in RIOFIL"

Administrative Group

"RIOFIL allows me attend trainings and seminars that will help me with my work and career"
"Allowing myself to use my talents makes my work experience meaningful in RIOFIL. I learn a lot of things that allows me to support bigger projects and activities"
"Gratitude is a key to a life well lived. RIOFIL is generous and kinder especially during this difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic. I’m thankful that I am part of the company’s organization."